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Residential Deep Cleaning

Flat Cleaning

Basic machanise cleaning of house.

Cleaning of window panes.

Desinfacting of bathroom & washroom.

Window channel.

Floor mopping.

Removal cobwebs.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning

Cleaning with specialized equipment to bring back the luster of the floor.

Marble polishing(Normal & Daimond).

Wax coating of Vinyl flooring.

Polishing of Wooden flooring.

Plain scrubbing of flooring.

Wax coating of Kota flooring.

Carpet & Sofa Shampooing

Carpet Cleaning

Use of injection using eco-friendly chemical which do not harm febric of the upholstery and human skin.

Prevent dust-mites, allegence cause by stains and dust.

Spottong of carpet/upholstery for removal of stain and shampooing of carpet/upholstery cleaning of fibre.

Bunglow  Cleaning

Bunglow Cleaning

Thorough sweeping and mopping.

Wipe downs of surfaces including tables and fixtures.

Cleaning of windows and glass panels.

Cleaning of toilet facilities.

Kitchen counters/cabinet items cleaned and reorganized.

Dishes washed and put away (if applicable).

Working pattern


Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Glass panes wiped/washed/cleaned Ledges & corner dusted/Cleaned Hidden area and little panes cleaned with love.

Bedroom Cleaning

Walls & everything on it cleaned Shelves, cabinet, everything on it, everything in it Carpet vaccumed


Bedroom Cleaning
Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

Floor thoroughly mopped Shelves & cabinet, from the inside and outside Kitchen platform cleaned with care

Cupboard Cleaning

If youre wondering how to clean wooden furniture on a regular basis without much hassle, regardless of the wood finishing, you should get rid of the dust first.

Cupboard Cleaning
Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom Cleaning

Floor scrub & mopped, Hard water stains removed, Corner surface wiped, Basin deap cleaned, Pots deep cleaned.


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